What Are High Quality Essential Oils?


Essential oils are liquid that contain chemical compounds that are extracted from plants. These oils are made to capture the plants’ essence, thus, its name is essential oil. This type of oil can be obtained through distillation with the use of steam and/or water. Essential oils are all-natural products that bring health benefits when used right. 

Listed below are some high quality  essential oils that people use and how to use them. These essential oils are either added to our drinks, used for aromatherapy, and/or for rubbing/for external purposes only. 


This essential oil comes from lavender that produces calming, soothing, and relaxing benefits. With this oil, you will be able to achieve comfort in both the body and the mind areas. Lavender has unlimited ways of applications, it can be through aromatic, skin absorption, and it can also be used internally. This type of oil can be used with no dilution needed.


Because of its strong aroma and flavor, the Rosemary oil is commonly used in baking and cooking for many years. Additionally, it also contains benefits for the body such as support for the digestive system, the internal organs and other important systems of the body. This essential oil adds flavor to meats and specialty dishes. Reduces tension and nervous feelings, aids the body’s important systems and lastly, it has an energizing herbaceous aroma that blends great with other spices.


Frankincense contains powerful properties that can be used in various ways. This type of oil has been used for centuries and it is known for its health benefits such as maintaining the body’s cellular function, supporting the body’s digestive system, balancing and uplifting the mood, and lastly, helping in maintaining the body’s immune function. The Frankincense oil can also be used in aromatherapy, it can be taken internally as well as externally. This type of oil can be used with no dilution needed.


The Lemongrass essential oil also provides health benefits and focuses specifically in aiding in the body’s digestive system. However, this oil is also used in skin care products because of its purifying benefits. Additionally, because of the lemongrass’s herbaceous aroma, this essential oil is also commonly used in massage therapy. The main benefits of the Lemongrass essential oil are to heighten the awareness and to promote positivity, to help promote the immune and nervous system health, to purify and to tone the skin, and last but not the least to promote a healthy digestion. This oil can be used through aromatherapy, can be taken internally and externally on the skin. However, this essential oil must be diluted first before using it to young and sensitive skin.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Melaleuca or also commonly known as the Tea Tree oil is used as a cleaning and an uplifting oil. It can be used only through the aromatherapy and through external application on the skin. This can be used daily for the rejuvenation and the cleansing properties it contains for the skin. It doesn’t need to be diluted first before using. 

Essential oils are made up of strong chemical compounds that create properties to help and aid in our body. However, not all essential oils bear the same effects and the uses vary in different ways. We must still be careful in choosing the right brands and kinds and also take precaution upon using these products since the human body is sensitive. 


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