Most Popular Health Myths Debunked


No one is safe from fake news circulating the world wide web nowadays. These fake articles or posts could be the meaning between life and death. A great example of these are the “Health Hacks” which we could evidently see on the Chinese media app TikTok

These myths could range from putting harmful chemicals on your hair to drinking harmful substances that apparently can help you lose weight. With all said and done, here are some health myths that have been hacked for you so that you would not suffer the consequences of all these harmful concoctions.

1. Mixing Bleach and Alcohol to make a disinfectant. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic people were spreading fake news about mixing these two harmful chemicals in order to make a disinfectant. A video even surfaced of a man mixing drinking alcohol (Rum) and toilet bleach, this was then taken down due to the dangers of this fake news and the potency that it could destroy many lives. 

The end result of this mixture is not a disinfectant but instead is a harmful element called chloroform. Chloroform is typically used as a solvent for floor polishes, resins adhesives and rubber. But when used as a disinfectant it could damage your skin causing allergic reactions, itchiness and irritation.

2. Not drinking 8 glasses of water per day is bad and can cause dehydration. 

As humans we are blessed with the gift of adaptation and uniqueness. Like drinking alcohol, drinking water has benefits but also has a limit. There is such a thing as overhydration and water intoxication. 

Drinking more than what your body can take can cause diarrhea, lightheadedness, confusion and vomiting. Everyone has different limits to how much liquids they can consume. 

It is just natural for us to drink when we are thirsty. There is no certain or fixed volume of liquids we should consume. So the next time you hear someone tell you to drink 8 glasses of water. Just remember you don’t have to unless you’re thirsty!

3. Cracking your joints can give you arthritis. 

Cracking your joints, mostly the ones on your knuckles and those on your neck is one of the most satisfying and stress relieving habits most of us have developed. 

The myth of this giving us arthritis is false. You see this is because the cracking sound we make with this is due to the accumulation of “bubbles” in the synovial fluid in between our joints. 

Us popping this relieves the pressure of these bubbles. Even if you don’t pop them these bubbles will just slowly let out the air relieving the pressure themselves. Now don’t worry if you love to pop your joints! You aren’t at risk at all.

4. Exercise alone will guarantee weight loss. 

Yes exercise burns calories. Be it aerobic anaerobic or strengthening, but exercise also makes us hungry. We also need to replenish the calories we lost. 

You see weight loss is 90 percent diet and 10 percent physical exercise. People tend to over exercise causing their muscles to be sore and painful. 

If people continue to exercise more than they diet they could end up getting injured, such as having torn muscles physically and sometimes mentally they could be more irritable. So the next time you want to lose weight, focus on the diet more than the exercise.


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