Money Saving Tips


Why is saving money difficult? This is a pretty common question that people often wonder. If you feel like you cannot be successful enough to start saving, you’re not the only one. According to study, 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings. It resembles a great deal of us who might need some assistance when it concerns finding methods to conserve money.

Monitor your spending

Monitor everything, from your daily, weekly as well as month-to-month spending and make necessary adjustments. You can use your bank statement as a guide. It can tell you how much money is going into your bank account and how much is going out. You can then compare it with your budget and review if you are spending your money wisely.

Review recurring expenses

Check your bank statements and review all the things you have spent money on over the past year. Through this you can see how much money you can save by, for instance, refinancing your home loan and comparing insurance providers. Try spending a day going over the list of your expenses to see what are the things you need to adjust.

Review every detail, like how can you cut your fuel costs. Your mobile and internet service providers, check out if they have a cheaper plan.

Control your impulses

We succumb to temptation especially on things we want rather than need. Credit cards, online transactions and online shopping make it easier than ever to spend money. 

If you see something you want, better wait at least a day before you buy it. This will help you relax, think a bit and review if this is really needed. You might find the urge passes. Another way of short-circuiting your impulse is to think how many hours you have to work to afford the item you want to buy; chances are you’ll think that spending for it is not worth it. To learn some ways to avoid and stop your unhealthy shopping habits, check out our guide How To Control Online Shopaholic Habits.

Pay off your credit card

Avoid interest charges and late-payment fees by paying your credit card in full and on time. Set up a direct debit payment to avoid missing your repayments. 

Open a savings account

Savings accounts are somewhere you can put all of your discretionary income. You can ward off the temptation of spending this money by setting up automatic, scheduled transfers from your main account to your savings account. The best thing about savings accounts is it can give you a higher interest rate than a basic transaction account.

Avoid a poverty mentality

Although thrift is an obvious way to save, we need to avoid being too frugal. The ultimate way to get ahead financially is to focus on earning, saving and investing.

Focusing on skimping can put you at risk of a poverty mentality. People with this mentality tend to have self-limiting beliefs and make decisions based on fear of loss or failure.

Become a promiscuous consumer

If you are a person who repeatedly buys a product, be careful. Chances are the store or service in question knows you are less price sensitive than the other prospective customers. They might take advantage of your loyalty like charging you noncompetitive prices.

Bottom Line

Create a household budget, start saving and check your progress every month. This will help you identify and fix the problems quickly. Understanding how to save money, sticking to it may even inspire you to find more ways to save and reach your goals faster.


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