10 Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginner

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It’s no secret that cooking is a passion for many people. From bakers to barbecuers, there are countless folks who love to spend their time in the kitchen. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you find yourself with an overwhelming amount of tools to choose from and not very clear on what will work best or whether your purchase makes sense given how often you plan on using them!

In this blog post we’ll cover some helpful tips around choosing which utensils are necessary essentials, including everything from measuring cups and spatulas all the way down past tongs (a must-have if grilling season has finally arrived) so check out our comprehensive list below:

Tongs, spoons and spatulas

Tongs and spatulas are versatile tools for the kitchen that can be used to cook pasta, flip steaks on the grill- or even protect a person’s hands from heat damage when cooking. A good set should include both metal handles which will not get as hot in areas of prolonged contact with high temperatures like boiling water- and wooden ones where you need more protection against temperature extremes such as grilling over an open flame.

Kitchen knives and sharpening tools

Dull knives are the enemy of any kitchen cook. They not only have a tendency to slide off meat, but they also make slicing difficult and time-consuming as well! It’s worth investing in sharpening tools if you’re just starting out so that your knife always cuts easily through whatever food needs to be sliced or diced!

Non-stick frying pan

Non-stick pans make your breakfast (or any meal) more enjoyable, as the food slides right off them. You may think you need to use a lot of butter when cooking an egg or pancakes, but this is not true! Reducing how much butter you pour onto your pan can help keep up with those New Year’s resolutions for healthy eating while still enjoying delicious meals.

Pressure cooker

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These pots are great because they reduce cooking time by up to two-thirds and also helps you save energy in preparing meals while still preserving nutrients better than most other cooking methods.

Cutting boards

Choosing the right cutting board is important. Wood, plastic or glass are all good choices depending on your needs. If you don’t want a slippery surface while slicing vegetables for dinner tonight then pick an option that isn’t made of wood and has at least 2″ thickness so it won’t warp when wet!

Vegetable peeler/ mandolin slicer

The mandolin slicer is an excellent tool to have in the kitchen because it makes uniform slices of vegetables and fruits that are perfect for cooking. The blades on this special machine can be adjusted depending on what thickness you want, which means no more cutting unevenly!

Rubber spatula

You’ll want to take your time cooking with this spatula because of it’s delicate use. It is great for stirring or mixing without the risk of scratching pans and dishes, such as when you’re making a sauce.

Mixing bowls

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Getting a good mix of ingredients before cooking is key to getting the best tasting meal. Mixing bowls are one way for you and your family members to make sure that everything gets mixed up evenly, whether it’s in cake batter or anything else!

Measuring cups, scales and measuring spoons

You can make your life a whole lot easier by investing in some basic kitchen tools, like measuring cups and spoons. They’re not just for baking!

You never know when you might need to measure out ingredients or spices from recipes – they’ll come in handy whether you want to whip up something light for dinner tonight or are planning on making the perfect homemade holiday gift this year.

Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears are a knife’s best friend. They’re perfect for cutting through tough chicken bones without the risk of damaging your blade, and many have built-in bottle openers as well!


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