3 Ways To Spend The Christmas Season During Covid-19 Pandemic


It is The Christmas season once again and here we are in the middle of a pandemic stopping us from spending time with our friends and family together. No more classic cheese on the table sided with some colorful vegetables and stuffed turkey as the main course. No more fun family gift exchange.

No hugs at midnight, no early morning Christmas drinking with the buddies. But that doesn’t mean there are no alternatives to making this holiday season just as fun as the Christmases before them.

“Scener” the movie app

Want a way to enjoy movies with your friends and family far away? A way to have a whole cinema complete with snacks, friends and laughter all while just staying in your house. 

Well look no further. For the Scener app is here to your rescue! The Scener app is a windows extension where you are able to watch movies via various media outlets such as Youtube, Disney plus, Netflix, Amazon prime etc. 

Just log in to their website, create an account and log into your desired Media outlet and just share the link with your friends and family. Now you are able to view a movie together in sync. So put the microwavable popcorn, open your computer and play that movie and have a good laugh with your friends.

Online Jam

Don’t you miss those nights where you’d just sit on your porch or front yard pull out a guitar and just play “Last Christmas” by Wham? Hanging around with your buddies under the Christmas lights while the trees sways with the cool breeze of Christmas wind. 

Well wait no further! An online Jam session is the way for you to go this Pandemic season. Just open up a video call on your desired Social media. Sit in front of it and play your instrument with your friends. 

It hits quite differently when you are with your friends. I suggest a medium with the least latency so that all of you could sing and jam to the songs in sync.

Spend more time with the people at home

The pandemic has made us more distant from our families than we can ever imagine. There is a line that separates us and our family members. 

Now is a time to open up and have a great time with them during these hard times especially now where mental health is a big issue. The pandemic is quite the blessing in disguise. It has given us the opportunity to be alone with our parents and siblings a great time to get to know them more. 

We spend the majority of our days alone, outside with our friends pre-pandemic. But now that we are alone we have the great opportunity to build a strong foundation with our families, the lives of partners, our pets and the loved ones that reside with us. Let us use this time to be closer to them and make memories that all of you will never forget!

This year may mean your Christmas won’t look exactly the same as it usually does because of the pandemic. But you can get creative and find some new ways to celebrate. Try also sending them Christmas gifts early to make sure they arrive right on time.


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