5 Beauty Hacks You Should Avoid


Lots of girls love a good DIY hack. It’s kinda fun like using a beer for dry, dull hair or using avocado as a face mask. But beauty hacks can sometimes get out of hand and can only cause lasting harm. So I round up some beauty hacks to save you from trouble and your skin will surely thank you for it.

1.Mouthwash to treat dandruff 

Have you heard that a few people treat dandruff with a mouthwash? Assuming this is the case, then you should skip this method. Dandruff is thought to happen because of excess yeasts on the scalp, or got dried out scalp. Applying with an alcohol based mouthwash makes your dry scalp significantly drier and just worses the situation. 

Use dandruff shampoo instead!

Dandruff shampoos work differently for different types of hair. So better ask an expert if you feel unsure what to use. You can also check out Healthline’s article to learn what to look for in a dandruff shampoo.

2. Using lime as deodorant

Sorry to break it to you dear, but lime can cause skin irritation,  rash and  redness. Not very cozy under the arms in other words.

Opt for deodorant instead!

The best product to use in under arms is actually just deodorant! There are several options for who want a more natural deodorant, without having to experiment with a recipe at home.

3. Deodorant for oily and shiny skin

Sorry to have to scrap the nice housewife trick, but deodorant belongs to the armpits. Deodorant inhibits the production of sweat in the underarm and does not prevent  the production of oils in the skin, which is what gives oily and shiny skin.

Try a primer instead!

Primer works best for oily skin. If you want to absorb oil from the skin before you put on make-up, you can do it with, a clean handkerchief, facial tissue or a coffee filter.

4. Using Onions to make the eyebrows grow faster

Have you tried this and still feel disappointed that this hack does not work? Many of my friends tried this tear-inducing vegetable. I don’t know why they go through this when they can actually just eat it. 

Pressing an onion against the eye will only cause tears and great discomfort, but not a bit better hair growth.Onions, however, can counteract yeasts, so it may be worth testing for dandruff if you can stand the smell!

Use a serum for eyebrows instead!

An effective eyebrow serum that gives denser and fuller eyebrows can be bought in make-up shops. 

5. Garlic for pimples

Treating pimples with garlic is not the right solution. Surely, garlic is anti-inflammatory, so if you have really swollen and irritating pimples, you can dampen it slighty with a clove of garlic. 

But remember how raw garlic awfully smells and the smell is also not very easy to wash off, so you can take it with you long after the garlic has stopped helping the pimple.

Instead, use cortisone ointment on your pimples. A cortisone ointment or alcohol gel on a cotton pad can soothe the swelling. Avoid opaque makeup and wash your face with a mild facial soap.

There you have it! The beauty hacks you should avoid from now on.

Did you try any of these? Or would like to share your thoughts? Please share your comments below.


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