Aluminum Window Care Guide: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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You might be thinking about which material best fits your needs and budget to renovate your home and replace your windows and doors. Also, how easy it is to maintain them.

Aluminum is a great material for windows and doors as it is strong, easy to maintain,  lightweight, economical and energy-efficient. However, if you don’t take the time to clean your aluminum regularly it can lose its luster in no time at all. Hence, we will teach you how to clean and maintain aluminum so that it will last!

How to Clean the Aluminum Windows and Doors?

  • Start by gently wiping down the surface with a clean cloth dampened in warm water. You can use mild detergent on tough stains if you have stubborn spots that are difficult to remove using just water and dish soap.
  • If there is any grime, dirt or grease on your windows, then it’s time for an aluminum cleaner! These cleaners not only remove what you see – but also get into nooks and crannies where dirt hides so that nothing will build up over time. They also create a protective coating that helps prevent corrosion from moisture buildup if the window has been left dirty too long. Some popular brands of aluminum cleaner are Gleam Aluminum Cleaner Gel or Tuf Shine Alumawash Mildew Stain Remover.
  • Once the surface is clean, you’ll want to polish it with a soft cloth in order to remove any remaining streaks or residue. You can also use aluminum cleaner on your cloth as well for an extra boost of shine and protection against stains!

How to Maintain Aluminum Windows and Doors?

  • Aluminum windows and doors are typically maintenance free, but they may need to be cleaned occasionally. To clean aluminum windows or doors, use a nonabrasive cleaner such as dish soap mixed with water
  • Use a squeegee on the window surface after it has been thoroughly rinsed to remove excess moisture from the surface
  • Before putting in new screens, make sure you have removed all remnants of old ones by scraping off any leftover adhesive and foam tape using a flathead screwdriver. The last thing you want is an irritating sticky residue left behind!
  • If it’s time for new weather-stripping around your door frames (typically every 12 years), this will help seal out drafts while also making your home more energy efficient.
  • A good idea is to take a picture of the completed screens and doors before they’re installed so you can refer back if there are any problems with your installation down the road!

How Often Do You Do the Window and Door Cleaning?

Every time you clean your home, it is necessary to spend a small amount of time cleaning the aluminum. The rule of thumb for how often you should do this depends on many things – like how much traffic there is in and out of the house during the day. If people smoke inside or not, whether other pets live in the home with them (cats especially have issues with dander), etc.

But according to most experts, every week ought to be just fine! So give it a good wipe down at least once per week. That will go a long way towards keeping these surfaces looking their best all year long.

What Kind of Cleaner Can I Use for My Window and Door?

Any basic household materials will work really well when it comes to cleaning aluminum. The two best things you can use are a sponge and dish soap or an equivalent. Some diluted vinegar and water in equal parts will also work.

Nevertheless, it’s important that whatever cleaner you do choose is safe for the surface of the window. Some liquids may be acidic enough to erode away at anything but stainless steel which we all know isn’t what these windows/doors have on them. So make sure everything is cleaned off right after so as not to let any dangerous elements seep into those surfaces over time.


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