Top 6 Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

green potted plants on brown wooden table

You’re well aware of the health benefits of plants, but did you know they may also be an effective method for cleaning indoor air? We’ll look at some of the best plants for this purpose in this post.

Peace Lily

This plant is also known as a Spathiphylum (spathe being the leafy stem of a flower), but it has many other common names such as the “lily of the peace,” and it’s a much sought-after houseplant because they’re known to remove chemicals from the air while also helping with respiratory issues. What makes these plants so special is that they don’t need any direct sunlight, which can make them great for places where there isn’t a lot of room by an open window. What’s more, peace lilies are known to be very effective at removing chemicals such as benzene and trichloroethylene from the air.

Lucky Bamboo

green indoor plant near brown sofa

Did you know that bamboo can be grown inside your house? This plant has been used for thousands of years across cultures because it’s known to bring good luck and is also a great indoor plant. What makes lucky bamboo so special? It filters out formaldehyde (a chemical used in paint that can cause respiratory problems) from the air we breathe!


This is a plant that can be easily grown in most homes. What’s great about aloe is it doesn’t take up as much room as other plants, and its leaves are very long-lasting once cut from the main stem of the plant. It’s also known to help with many skin issues such as burns and cuts, and it also helps with respiratory problems. What’s more, aloe is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, as long as you keep it in a sunny spot by an open window!

Snake Plant

This is another type of popular houseplant because it works well for most homes as long as you give it enough sunlight. What’s great about the snake plant is that it filters out both benzene and formaldehyde, two chemicals linked to cancer! What’s more, this plant works as an air purifier all night long while you sleep.

English Ivy

Another popular houseplant is English ivy because it works well for most homes (as long as you keep it in a sunny spot) while also being easy to grow! What’s great about English ivy is that it works as a natural air humidifier, which can be especially helpful in the winter when the dryness from heating systems can make it harder to breathe. What’s more, this plant also filters out formaldehyde and other chemicals while still being easy to care for! What’s more, it also works as a natural insect repellent!

Water Lilies

Did you know there are plants that can filter toxins right from your home aquarium? Water lilies are perfect for this purpose as they absorb toxins and leave your water clean. What’s more, these plants are very easy to grow in most home aquariums.

Aside from the fact that indoor plants can enhance the interior design of your home they can be used to clean the air. What makes them so remarkable is not just do they purify the air, but they also aid with respiratory problems. Furthermore, you may keep them in your house aquarium for natural water purification and better breathing!


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