Romantic Quarantine Valentine’s Day Ideas


Have you already thought of a plan for this incoming Valentine’s Day? If not, then keep reading and we will give you some tips on how to make the celebration of love extra special even though you’re in quarantine. 

Before anything else, we need to know what the heart’s day is all about and how it started. Biblically speaking, Valentine’s day is also called St. Valentine’s day. Nowadays, it has become an official holiday for lovers and friends to express their affections. 

Every fourteenth of the month of February, people – specifically couples – do romantic things with one another. For starters, they relate things with hearts and plan out surprises. While we’re at it, let’s talk about the things you could do for your significant other amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Surprise Deliveries 

Given the situation, not all of us have the liberty to go out that is why delivery services are there to help us. Plan out a gift for your significant other and unexpectedly deliver it to his/her doorstep! 

2. Breakfast in Bed  

For those lovers who are living under the same roof, a nice breakfast in bed will surely touch the heart of your husband or wife. Wake up earlier than them and prepare their favorite breakfast or your healthy breakfast specialty and give their Valentine’s Day a warm morning surprise. 

3. Love Letters  


Love letters may be old school but it will never fail to please one’s heart. It isn’t only bound to the bond paper type. You can leave notes around the houses with your cute sticky notes and handwriting. 

4. Things in Common 

As this special day is for the loving pair, try brainstorming about the things you love the most. Together with the whole family, you can do this fun activity to bond. Also, this will also help you strengthen your relationship with one another.

5. Romantic Dinner  

Typical Valentine dates take place in fancy restaurants but given our situation right now, we’re all in quarantine, a candlelit dinner at home will suffice. Cook with your husband/wife and also with your kids and prepare a romantic dinner. Afterwards, you can play music and create your living room your own ballroom.

6. Theater

Romance movies will make your Valentine’s Day a thousand times better. To spice it up a little, you could also watch with your family your wedding day memories, anniversary memories, and other collection of videos and pictures you have together as couples. Revel in the years you’ve been together and your achievements together.

Quarantined, we are not really having the best times of our lives and most of us are experiencing difficulty on our own. Still, let us not forget the people who have been there for us through ups and down, thick and thin. 

Valentine’s day isn’t only for couples but also to every person whom you love. There are millions of ways to express your love. It is not only limited to what you see on the internet but it can also be through your own ways. 

Although we are all in quarantine, we can still make this year’s Valentine’s day extra special. The best way to show the person that you love them is by preparing something that can make them feel special.


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