Picking The Right Type Of Carpet For Your Home


Flooring, one of the most important factors in modern architecture and interior design. Good flooring could mean the difference between a beautiful room to an ugly room. One of the materials classified as flooring include carpet. This is the best textile floor covering to put in your home to achieve a smooth and comfortable surface for your feet to sink in. 

In this article we are going to discuss which type of carpet or carpet fiber should you use for your house. 

Factors to consider when choosing the right carpet

Carpets are perfect for rooms of relaxation such as a living room, a library and even a bedroom. Carpets are made up of fibers, these fibers have different types of textures. Textures could either irritate or soothe the foot of each individual passing by the said flooring. 

Another factor in choosing your carpet is foot traffic, how many people are going to pass by the said flooring. This is because foot traffic may or may not damage your carpet in the long run of it being there. 

The greatest factor of all of these is stain resistance. If you are living with pets, clumsy kids or you just love to lounge in your living room. Stain resistance is a big thing to consider in picking the right carpet for your home. 

Different Types of Carpet


Nylon is very strong and is able to hold lots of stress on the surface. So, this type of carpet is perfect for places with great foot traffic. Great for where active kids run through or where lots of people pass by. 

This is one of the most abundant types of carpet in the market today. It is very practical especially in today’s age where people are tired of constantly changing the appearance of their house. This carpet is perfect for living rooms, playrooms and even children’s play areas. 

But keep in mind Nylon is quite pricier than a polyester carpet. Although very practical, nylon carpets have limited color variations which may be hard for you to choose when picking a floor for your desired household room. Nylon carpets also have a much more tailored pattern compared to polyester carpet which makes the design quite plane and outdated.


Polyester is one of the best carpets out there for flooring because it is very stain resistant and easy to clean. Hence, this type of fiber is ideal for bedroom and staircase. It also gives you a nice soft touch to your feet whilst waltzing over the floor. 

The only downside of polyester fibers is that they are very thin and could be destroyed easily by some vacuums. Although it is very beautiful and soft to the touch and is very stain resistant, it is not as durable as a nylon carpet. 

A modern twist to flooring. Polyester fiber is a great way to design your home if you are a person who constantly loves to remodel their home. 


This carpet style can work with many types of decor since this is versatile. While it was once considered only good for home offices or basement, it is now a popular choice for all areas of the home. 

It is also less expensive than other residential carpet styles, making it a popular choice than the others. Another reason for Berber’s popularity is its durability and easy to clean. 

Picking the right carpet for your home can feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and decisions to be made. But taking your time, doing some research on how to decorate your home will help you make the right choice.


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