How To Control Online Shopaholic Habits In This Pandemic


Recently the book/film “Confessions of A Shopaholic” has been very relatable to us all. As the pandemic pushes, lifestyles shifted to a so-called “new normal.” Since people are deemed to stay indoors for their safety and welfare; restaurants, gyms, stores, etc. are being forced to shut down. This leaves an open door to the internet which has so much to offer including online shopping. Shopping is defined as browsing for available goods in stores and purchasing them. Stores became ultimately accessible online; with just a few clicks and a bit of waiting, products you might or might not need are delivered on your doorstep. No wonder being a shopaholic is common these days.

Addiction to shopping can become a dangerous habit if not immediately controlled. Being a shopaholic can be financially and emotionally destructive. It may not be identified on the spot but just like any other addiction, there are ways to avoid and stop your shopping addiction such as:

1. Cut off access

Online shops became easier to reach with the help of applications that are specifically designated for online shopping. If you need to stop unhealthy practices, first you must change your environment. Since our mobile phones are the first ones we see in the morning and the last ones we see at night, it is better to start withdrawing yourself from the contributors in your phone. Delete the apps that are associated with shopping and replace them with something recreational. 

2. Practice mindfulness

There is a difference between our needs and our wants. Focus only on what you need when browsing through stores. Once you’ve gotten what you needed, there is no more reason for you to stay and get more. You don’t need five purses, six pairs of jeans, and seven tops; what matters the most is what’s enough to suffice your needs. 

3. Get distractions

Old habits die hard. The most convenient way of forgetting something is by replacing it with something new. Addiction isn’t immediately stopped, there are withdrawal effects that occur. Try out something new and healthy to fill the hole that your addiction left. There are more things to do such as engaging in outdoor activities, reading books, watching movies, and take time to catch up with what you’ve missed while you were preoccupied. 

4. Gain support

No man is an island. It is hard to face this battle alone. Try asking help from your friends and family. There are also support groups that give you the opportunity to learn and help people who experience the same. 

5. Love yourself

Ask yourself why. Why are you doing this? People may find shopping as their reward and sign of validation. Always remember that everyone is unique and special, nothing can equate nor depreciate the value of a person. 

“I mean, when I think about it, what’s more important? Clothes – or the miracle of new life?” Sophie Kinsella said in her book Confessions of a Shopaholic.

In this pandemic, we tend to limit ourselves with things that we we’re used to do when we normally stay at home. However, this “new normal” must be an opportunity for us to explore and discover new things, and also an opportunity to do the activities we weren’t able to do before. Shopping isn’t the only option. You don’t find happiness in material things; you just get debt and regret. 



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