Business Ideas To Start From Home During The Pandemic


A lot of people stayed unemployed because of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. However, this does not mean opportunity won’t stop popping in. With the quarantine, lockdown, and the “new normal” majority of the people have been forced to stay indoors. 

Unfortunately, because of that, lots of infrastructures have closed or ran out of business. If you’re planning to run a small business that is convenient at home and starts with a low capital, you’ve come to the right place.

Selling Online 

People have been more engaged on the internet and social media since the pandemic. Online shopping became prominent and taking advantage of it would be smart. You can become a business owner just by reselling things like clothes, stationery, home appliances, or even homemade products. 

Simply set up a business account on Instagram or a page on Facebook, and with the help of your friends and family they can help promote your business. However, make sure the products you’re selling have a target market, so that people can relate and be interested in it.

Sell Homemade Food 

If you ever had interest in cooking or baking goods, why not invest on it? Because of the lockdown and social distancing, people can’t risk going outside and enjoying restaurants anymore. 

Ordering food is more convenient, however that only depends on the neighborhood you live in (whether restaurants are near or not). Making food especially the ones that are popular and in- demand right now can totally boost your sales. 

Start selling in your neighborhood where people know you. If they love your cooking, there’s a high chance they’ll order again or commend you to other people.

Teach Online Classes

If you have the skill and passion to teach, you can offer online forums and tutor people with topics you specialize on. One of the benefits of teaching home-based is that you get to choose whether you want to teach in live or pre-recorded. 

Start by setting up a page in social media platforms; set a schedule of your teaching sessions to your clients (it can be an hour daily or every weekend. It’s up to you). Another great thing is that once this pandemic is over, you can start offering face-to-face tutor sessions.

Start A Blog

A blog is an online journal or a discussion in a website that is regularly updated by an individual or a small group of people. When starting a blog, it is prime to think of a worthy content that others can relate to, and because of the pandemic, it is extremely important to get updated on the current events. However, it is highly suggested that you work with others first to make your blogging business strive. 

Here’s a thought to ponder:

“Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to come up with a crisis plan.” Phil McGraw


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